Greetings movie fans, Kevin here, with a little funtime exercise to distract you from all the mundane, more useful things you could be doing with your time right now. Don't worry, if you wait long enough the cat will learn to change its own litter box. Trust me.

For those longtime Moviefone users, you may remember we used to run a little contest on the site called "Insert Caption." Well I'm here to resurrect that once proud and noble establishment, 'cause that's how I kick it. Old school. Below you'll find a photo from Martin Scorsese's exhilarating new thriller 'The Departed.' You know the rules. The only restriction: All references to "I see dead people" are hereby banned. Oh, and keep it clean. Good luck, and may the Scorsese be with you. I'll start:

The Departed movie

"Jeez Leo, I'm just kidding. The environment DOESN'T suck."

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