Still upset that the Fox folks are bleeding you for extra cash with their single-disc, un-special edition of X-Men: The Last Stand before they'll release the shiny special edition they promised us earlier? Was the Wal-Mart exclusive not enough to slake your mutant thirst? Well now you've a few more options (read: excuses to blow extra cash) before the special release:

Not to be outdone by their prime competition, Target will also be releasing an exclusive X-Men DVD, this one billed as a "deluxe" edition and costing about twenty-three bucks. In a fancy collectors tin you'll get ... well, the DVD, an issue of X-Men in comic book form (Giant #1, if you are curious), and four (*gasp*, a whole four) collectible trading cards.

In slightly cooler news, it looks increasingly likely that we'll see a blu-ray disc of X-Men: The Last Stand. A new listing of Fox's upcoming blu-ray slate apparently shows the flick ready to debut -- but no release date is attached. I don't really intend to be a blu-ray guy myself, but I imagine this is fun news for those of you who are interested in such.