With Halloween right around the corner, there's nothing more appropriate than purchasing a prop from a horror movie. What better costume than one actually used in a film? What better haunted house than one featured on screen? There are probably a ton of auctions and sales out there for these kinds of things, and I already pointed you folks in the direction of those houses from A Nightmare on Elm Street and In Cold Blood, either (or both) of which could be yours. Now, our friends over at Autoblog have some info about eBay auctions for some famous cars from your favorite horror films. There are three of them up for grabs: the 1958 Fury from Christine; the Dodge van from the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; and the Cadillac Eldorado used in The Devil's Rejects(and The Bad News Bears).

The seller is the Volo Auto Museum, and they have a few non-horror movie cars available too, including the one from Wayne's World and one ridiculous boat used in The Flintstones. But since this season calls for frights, you should be thinking more about the three horror vehicles. Imagine one of them (or all) parked in front of your new Freddy Krueger house? I'm sure your neighbor would think twice about letting their dog poop on your front lawn.
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