Just about every big-budget mega-movie gets its very own video game tie-in, from Harry Potter and Narnia to Spider-Man and Lord of the Rings. Used to be that 92% of these movie-license games were grade-A certifiable crap, but we've come a long way since then. (Nowadays it's only about 55%.) One of the newest (and lovably geekiest) trends in video games is the "retro" approach, which is what I call it when someone says "Hey, you know what old movie would make for a great video game? Mannequin!" before heading off to design a video game in which you're required to collect hundreds of dismembered mannequin parts while avoiding the affections of a harrowingly annoying homosexual stereotype and thwarting the nefarious schemes of a bizarrely prissy James Spader.

Fortunately, nobody's gotten it into their head to make a video game out of Mannequin, but there have been some really slick video games based on some really cool "old" movies. But let's get one turkey out of the way first:

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