Fox is pumping more money, talent and sequels into their Atomic brand, lining up new pictures The Comebacks and the sequel 28 Weeks Later. Also, their remake of Revenge of the Nerds begins filming in less than a week, so the new brand is chugging along.

However, I'm still not sure exactly why the brand was formed last year, joining other Fox labels Fox Searchlight and Fox 2000. Their focus is genre films for younger audiences that can be produced on modest budgets. Which is Hollywood-speak for "churning out cheap product that the masses will suck up like candy." I checked the glossary. I think that was already synonymous with the Fox brand, or maybe I'm thinking about TV shows like The Simple Life, or perhaps just Bill O'Reilly. Maybe Fox just wanted to sound a bit cooler by injecting the word "atomic" in there. At this point, to insure that younger audiences would watch, they should have just called it Fox MySpace Films.

Heaven help us when MySpace: The Movie hits theaters.

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