After it was supposed to be a half-hour comedy series on HBO before being shoved into turnaround, Fox 2000 has decided to pick up Ruth Reichl's food memoir Garlic and Sapphires with intentions of taking it to the big screen. Jeremy Leven (The Notebook) has come on to pen the script.

Based on the plot description, you'll want to load up on snacks for this one ... unless the person sitting beside you won't mind hearing the line, "Man, this movie is making me hungry" every other minute. Pic will follow a food critic who is forced to don disguises so that restaurants don't know who she is and, therefore, treat her like your average customer. However, things become complicated when she meets the man of her dreams while dressed up as someone else. Sounds like the perfect dinner and a movie date night combo for you couples out there -- whaddya think?

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