Either there's a day-care center in my new neighborhood, or some kind of manimal-making medical experiments; either would explain the high-pitched shrieks coming through my window during the afternoons.

Personally, I hope it's the manimal factory. But you know, that's just me.

It's actually tough to write today --and not just thanks to the screams from the manimal factory. (Ok, the day care center.) The Departed is still buzzing around in my head; it's as if you took a thousand gritty cop movies and boiled them down into a crack-like nugget of gunsloyaltysecretsdeath. Add in cloudy weather and ugh, it's tough to make the words come. One time a friend asked me what my trick to beating writer's block was, and I explained that it's not really a trick: The movies open on Friday. If you want to do a kind of writing where you get to stroke your beard a lot and think deep thoughts for weeks on end before committing them to paper, this is a bad field to go into. For all of it's airy-thin uselessness, I think of writing about movies as, essentially, a blue-collar pursuit: Things come off the assembly line, and you have to do quality control on time. Bus drivers don't get bus driver's block, and I feel the same way about writing. And that's the deal this week, I guess. Are you excited about The Departed? Or Shortbus? Or Last King of Scotland? What's the next movie you can't wait to see?

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