Hot on the heels of the Robert Downey Jr. casting news (he's Iron Man now, if you missed it) comes another major casting rumor for Jon Favreau'sIron Man flick -- and once again it is a big one. Got a big grain of salt handy? Good. Grab it and keep it close for this one, because as of right now it is nothing more than a big old rumor. CanMag received two separate email tips suggesting Tony Stark will have a love interest in the film (no big surprise there, love interests are a rather common plot device). What is more interesting is the name currently attached to said love interest. Ready for this? None other than Famke Janssen, previously of X-Men fame. Although Janssen has a history of working with Favreau, one would think playing two major roles in separate Marvel flicks would be a bit ... unusual, because theoretically we are talking about the same universe here, and I don't think Jean Grey has a twin sister running around putting the moves on Iron Man. Granted, we probably won't ever run into a situation which would require both characters to be in the same movie, but the point remains a strong one.

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