If I lived in Detroit, Michigan, I imagine I'd be getting rather tired of Michael Bay. Okay, I imagine I'd be getting rather tired of him for reasons other than continuing to make bad movies. For the second time in recent years, director Bay has closed down streets in the greater Detroit area -- Fort Wayne between Washington and Griswold, and Shelby between Lafayette and Congress, to be specific -- for filming purposes. However, as I do not live in Detroit, I find this to be rather cool. Bay has used the same streets previously while filming for The Island, and likewise the abandoned Michigan Central Depot, according to Detroit Free Press.

In other Transformers news, you can check out a few new site photos from filming, including what looks to be a distance shot of Optimus Prime in his non-robot form and a few helicopters flying about. And don't forget the new "Make Optimus Speak" contest -- details here courtesy of Matt B.
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