After thanking us for not smoking, director Jason Reitman wants to warn us on the dangers of teenage pregnancy with his new film Juno ... and he now has the cast in place to do just that. Ellen Page (last seen in the thriller Hard Candy) will play a young girl who, after one frisky night with her best friend, is accidentally knocked up. She then sets out on a journey to find a new family for the little one on the way.

Michael Cera (yes, you know him as Jason Bateman's lovable, yet moronic son on the very awesome canceled TV show Arrested Development) will take on the best friend role. Brad Silberberg was originally tapped to direct (off a script written by Pussy Ranch blogger Diablo Cody), but dropped out due to creative differences over casting. Thus, Reitman hopped onboard the pic, which is said to have a Napoleon Dynamite feel. Teen pregnancy, Jason Reitman and Napoleon Dynamite? Does it get any better?

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