If Al Gore and Davis Guggenheim's recent documentary didn't give you enough about stranded polar bears and frogs in gradually heating pots of water (with scorpions on their backs, stinging them because they can't help it, it's their nature) rejoice; on November 3, the 6,383 screen Regal Cinemas chain will be unrolling the global warming documentary The Great Warming in 50 cities. Narrators include such futurists as Alanis "God" Morissette and Keanu Reeves. It's based on Lydia Dotto's Storm Warning: Gambling With the Climate of Our Planet. Exec producer Karen Coshof notes that Regal--the most geographically diverse chain in the USA -- doesn't usually screen indie docs. If this film sounds familiar, you must be living in the Great White North. The Great Warming was shown in three parts on TV in Canada's version of Discovery Channel three years ago. Apparently such such heresy about melting ice caps and super storms was more socially acceptable up there; Canada, once considered three years behind the United States, must be now counted as three years ahead. Environmental & Energy Publishing's E&E TV notes that this wide opening of The Great Warming is a few days before the all-important congressional elections in the US. But the film intends to be non-partisan. As a contrast to Gore's expert one-man MCing, director Judith Dwan Hallet brings in a few religious sources too; these include a new breed of evangelicals, including Reverend Richard Cizik, who urges his flock to take up the idea of "creation care": God entrusts us to take care of the planet. Wasn't Alanis's word good enough?
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