Remember the Star Trek swag action we told you about back inAugust? Well, it starts tomorrow (October 5), and if you happen to be interested in learning how much cash people drop for bits and pieces of Trek history you can tune in via The History Channel's website, You can watch all three days (5th-7th) from 10am - 1pm and again from 2pm - 6 pm EST live from Christie's auction house in New York. The auction will contain around 1000 lots of Trek stuff from the past forty years, covering five Star Trek television series and ten motion pictures, and will include props, scenes, models, and costumes.

Sci Fi Wire also reports the History Channel is gearing up for two new Star Trek documentaries which they plan to air at some unspecified date in the first quarter of next year. Given we're talking about the History Channel here, you can probably expect a level of quality to these documentaries, and not some cheap throw away with old stock footage and one or two new interviews.
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