Susan Sarandon as Janet Weiss

October 4 is a popular movie-star birthdate: I could have picked a photo from a film starring Buster Keaton or Charlton Heston, or perhaps Felicia Farr. But it's October, I've been thinking about Halloween, and costumes, and here it is Susan Sarandon's birthday. So why not find an embarrassing photo from the film Sarandon probably wishes most that we'd forget, The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Sarandon was in her late twenties when she played innocent heroine Janet Weiss in the movie, which eventually turned into a midnight-movie staple and a cult classic. Millions of people have seen Sarandon cavorting onscreen in her bra, yelling "Slut!" when she appears, and enhacing her dialogue with lines of their own.

Many people have at least one Rocky Horror story in their past; and if they don't, maybe they ought to. When I was in high school, it was an interesting thing to do after midnight if we couldn't get into any bars. (I lived in New Orleans, so we didn't see the movie that often.) In college, I fell in with a bunch of people who performed scenes from the movie live as it played on the screen at Sena Mall theater in Metairie. I tinted my hair red and performed as Columbia a few times one summer -- the challenges were to keep the tube top and later the bustier from slipping down (in the movie, Little Nell's bustier actually does fall at one point, but I didn't feel the need to be that faithful to the film), and to writhe on the floor with the guy playing Eddie ... movie-theater floors can be pretty nasty. Eventually the theaters where we performed the show all closed and we went back to watching movies on VHS.

Do you have a Rocky Horror Picture Show story you can share in public? If so, do tell all.
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