With the Halloween season nearly upon us, and with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (the sequel to the remake of the Tobe Hooper classic) about to hit theaters, the timing seems right for the DVD release of this prime slice of 80s cheese. I've never had the chance to see this one, but it was constantly available on tape back in they heyday of VHS. Arriving on October 31, Future-Kill makes its first-ever appearance on DVD from Subversive Cinema.

This 1985 flick is a post-apocalyptic thriller from a time when -- in the wake of the Mad Max films -- the B movie landscape was littered with these types of films. Here's the synopsis from Subversive's website: "A tragic nuclear testing accident has created an entire underclass of affected humans. And a band of unthinking frat boys decide to abduct one such person from the barren ghetto where the victims of nuclear fallout live. However, the violent de facto leader of a mutant gang (Edwin Neal) decides to take advantage by killing his rival and blaming them for the death, forcing them on an all-night run to save their lives and clear their name...and perhaps get a better understanding for how 'the other half' lives."