After winning an Oscar for her performance in Monster's Ball, Halle Berry went on to star in a slew of "major pay-day flicks," instead of taking her newfound attention and spinning it into an assortment of difficult, meaningful roles. I mean, Catwoman? Gothika? Die Another Day? Girl, you just won a freaking Oscar for Best Actress -- c'mon, show us you're not a one-hit wonder. Give us something juicy. Give us something controversial. Give us something, um, good.

Well, perhaps that time is upon us, as Berry is now attached to star in Class Act for Dreamworks. Based on real-life events, pic revolves around a teacher (Tierney Cahill) from Nevada who, when challenged by her sixth-grade students to run for Congress back in 2000, actually stepped up to the plate and gave it a shot. Though the single mother eventually lost, she did end up with 35% of the popular vote -- thanks, in part, to the students who helped run her campaign.

The casting choice here is a bit peculiar seeing as Cahill is white, not black. According to Variety, someone close to the film felt "it was more important to find the right actress to play the role rather than the right white actress." Hmm, I'm still not sold ... something feels shady here. Regardless, Doug Atchinson is set to write and direct the flick, which is eying a May/June production start.

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