So it turns out Marvel hadn't officially arranged finances for their upcoming Iron Man and Incredible Hulk films. Although it has long been known Marvel intended on releasing Iron Man as the first main flick under their brand-new film wing Marvel Studios, it was apparently not part of the initial "non-recourse debt facility" Marvel put together (colloquially known as the Marvel Warchest). Marvel legal guys got on it, though, and the agreement has been amended to include both films under the same terms and conditions as the rest of the deal. IronMan is slated for Paramount distribution, and Hulk with Universal; both films expect to hit theaters sometime in 2008.

Marvel needs at least passable returns on both of these films. They've borrowed heavily against their own current popularity to finance their own films, and if early movies start tanking, Marvel could quickly find itself in some real monetary difficulty and future projects may be abandoned.
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