Angelina Jolie

It's a widely held belief that Angelina Jolie is just about the most beautiful woman on the face of this or any planet (although I hear the female life forms on Uranus are pretty fine as well). As if topping the list of interstellar babedom weren't enough, Jolie is now slated to play the smartest woman alive, railroad magnate Dagny Taggart, in the upcoming film adaptation of Ayn Rand's objectivist opus 'Atlas Shrugged.'

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with 'Atlas Shrugged,' a joint survey conducted by the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club has dubbed it "the second most influential book for Americans today," the first, of course, being the Bible. The book -- which espouses Rand's "objectivist" philosophy that the moral purpose of one's life is the unmitigated pursuit of one's own happiness -- paints a picture of a world in which the most brilliant minds of the day (the political leaders, the captains of industry, the scholars) grow tired of being accountable for the well-being of the lazy and unintelligent masses. One by one, they mysteriously diappear, leaving society to devolve into one giant anarchic mess. Yes, it is truly uplifting stuff.

In other casting news, indie stud Gael Garcia Bernal ('The Motorcycle Diaries,''The Science of Sleep') is in talks to take on his first role in a major blockbuster, that of the villain in the Matt Damon spy-thriller 'The Bourne Ultimatum.' Directed by Paul Greengrass ('The Bourne Supremacy,''United 93'), the third installment in the Bourne franchise is set for an Aug. 3, 2007, release. We at Moviefone are hoping Gael signs soon: He'd make a great nemesis for Damon -- plus, filming on the pic is already under way.

And finally, Shareeka Epps, a breakout star in this summer's buzzed about indie darling 'Half Nelson,' has decided to maintain her indie cred by making her follow-up flick 'AVP 2: Alien vs. Predator 2.' OK, so maybe she lost the indie cred a little bit there.

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