Iconic film director Stanley Kubrick apparently considered R. Lee Ermey his own personal Linda Tripp, confiding in him by phone shortly before his death that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman "had their way with him" and ruined Eyes Wide Shut. Ermey starred as the sargeant from hell in Kubrick's classic Full Metal Jacket (and can currently be seen as the uncle from hell in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning), and the two kept in close contact until Kubrick died in 1999. Kubrick went on to tell Ermey that the was film a piece of sh*t, and figured the critics would eat him alive. Which they did.

That brings to mind a famous quote by Kubrick. He was watching Jerry Lewis edit a film, and Lewis was increasingly dissatisfied with the cut. He turned to Kubrick and said, "Well, I guess you can't polish a turd." Kubrick carefully thought about it and said, "You can if you freeze it."
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