Back in 1964, as part of a special for the UK's World in Action television series, director Michael Apted (along with WIA founder Tim Hewat) documented the lives of several seven-year-olds. The program, inspired by the Jesuit saying "Give me the child until he is seven and I will show you the man", attempted to uncover whether or not the children's lives were already pre-determined by their backgrounds and the rigid class system of 1960s Britain. Little did they know this one special (and subsequent follow-up films) would become wildly popular, winning several awards and changing the face of "the documentary" as we knew it. In fact, some might refer to the Up Series as our very first taste of reality television, a phenomenon that would reach its peak in-between 42 Up and Apted's latest visit with old friends, 49 Up.

For the past five decades, Apted has re-visited the same group of people (minus one or two who have dropped out along the way) in order to show us what became of their lives, their dreams, their marriages and their families. In this latest edition of the series, Apted updates us on 13 of the original cast (all 49-years-old) to see how their lives have changed in the past seven years.