Although the region 1 DVD is only being released in a bland old single disc release (with varying outlets spicing it up with their own special "exclusive" promos), the X-Men: The Last StandDVDs are simply flying off the shelves. Industry numbers say X-Men has moved 2.6 million units, including significantly higher than usual sales to rental agencies. However, all may not be well in retail sales land: X-Men Film News, a great fansite, is claiming a semi-major error in production. Apparently, an unknown number of the single disc sales shipped with 21 deleted scenes, while the standard disc should have only included 10. The rest, according to an insider tipster, were meant to be held until the special two-disc feature sometime next year. There's no rhyme or reason to the delivery as far as anyone can tell; you just roll the old dice when you pick up a copy and hope you got a winner. X-Men Film News also points out the Fox sales poster may be quietly admitting to the error (if the tipster was correct, they knew about it pretty quickly), as the promo posters claim "Three alternate endings, two menu viewing options, and several deleted scenes." See it for yourself here. (Why did I suddenly have a flashback to Willy Wonka and his golden tickets?)
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