Are you excited for Zack Snyder's movie interpretation of Frank Miller's 300? If you aren't, allow me to point you to Scott Weinberg's thoughts on those recent trailers for the film. If they aren't enough to jazz you (or if you're already a hungry, dedicated fan) I suggest you surf on over to Solace in Cinema, a blog which has put together a gem of a review using said trailers and pages from the graphic novel itself. Openly and admittedly copying Mediamelt over on Film Rot, who did something similar with Sin City, SiC does a fantastic job taking apart the trailers and grabbing still images to compare with individual frames from the book. If you are still worried about Zack Snyder being faithful to Frank Miller's project, this should set your mind at ease. It looks good, friends. It looks real good.

It seems like every time a new comic-to-movie project is announced, fans have to concern themselves with how faithful it will be and how much it will deviate from the beloved source material to gain the elusive "mass market appeal." Starting with Sin City and advancing into 300, Frank Miller-based films shake off any such concerns. Like our own Scott and SiC, I expect this project to be nothing short of fantastic when it finally makes it into cinemas.
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