Yes, it's official: For the remainder of the year, Hollywood will announce a new football-related film every other day ... unless a group of us band together, head to every major studio and orchestrate a surprise blitz on whoever is in charge. The latest major player to grace the big-screen field is Universal Pictures who have just picked up the movie rights to a New York Times article, with Jack Black coming on to produce through his brand spanking new shingle Electric Dynamite.

The article (titled In College Football, Big Paydays for Humiliation) centers around a practice in college football where teams pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have other weaker teams play against them for easy wins. (Occasionally, I'll do the same thing with video games, only my five year-old cousin will happily take a cupcake over paper money.) Of course, this will be a comedy, and Black is set to take a role in the film, but not star. No screenwriter or director is attached. I swear, if the film's plot description turns out to have the words 'rag-tag team of misfits' anywhere in it, I will personally sack the idea before it hits theaters. Although Jack Black attempting to play football definitely conjures up a humorous image.

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