Yesterday, I told you about a quote from Joss Whedon which seemed to strongly indicate he was finished with the Fireflyuniverse after the short-lived TV series and one feature film. However, a few hours later alter reader Sheridan pointed out a thorough explanation from Whedon via the Whedonesque website. As it turns out, Whedon is only done with the Firefly world for now, and has no idea what may possibly become of it in the future.

If I read what he is saying correctly (and feel free to help me out fans, as you know him better than I do), the basic situation is as follows: Joss Whedon loves to create, and once he creates, he never truly lets go. His mind is a treasure trove of stories, characters, and worlds, and once he introduces a new one, he will never truly abandon it. In his head, there are always more stories and there is no guarantee on which ones will be created. However, the man is ridiculously busy, and wonder of wonders is actually tiring himself out. Who knew he was mortal? The failure (such as it was) of Firefly hit him pretty hard, and he has other projects on his plate right now, so he doesn't want to think about a return to the universe. For now. Fans, does this sound like an accurate read?
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