So we had a good time gently poking fun at Fox for X-Men: The Last Stand over the last week or so, thanks to their double dipping DVD tactics. Despite several retail outlets making attempts at putting together bonus packages, the sad truth of the matter is X3 got released on a dinky one disc, non-special set here in the States. The Superman Returns DVD looks to be in the upstaging business, releasing both the single disc edition and the double disc special edition on November 28. There will also be Blu-Ray and HD discs available in the special edition format. You can read the full Warner Brothers announcement (pumped full of superlatives and exclamation points, of course) detailing the extra features and such here.

I wasn't an enormous fan of Returns when it hit theaters; I enjoyed it, but I was not blown away as I expected to be. Nonetheless, I find myself eager for this disc -- far more eager than I am for X3. Honestly, the special edition pitch wins me over on many DVDs I would otherwise be on the fence about. If I'm not sure your movie is worth my money, but you back it up with an interesting commentary track or two, an extra three hours of documentaries, behind the scenes, and other interesting elements, then you've got a good chance of winning me over.