Alan Moore has stated that he wrote Watchmen to be the last word in superhero comics. Now that the modern comic book film has come into its own (The Weinstein Company even has a parody of the genre in the works called Superhero!), a successful Watchmen adaptation might be just the thing to shake things up, to blow the genre's conventions out of the water before they become cliched. The world is ready for a decent film based on an Alan Moore work. If there is any cosmic balance in the universe, the dreadfulness that was Stephen Norrington's League of Extraordinary Gentlemencould in theory be balanced by (fingers crossed) Zack Snyder's Watchmen. Snyder surprised me with the Dawn of the Deadremake and I'm hearing good things about 300, so I can dare to dream, can't I?

Snyder has been attached to the project for some time, and he recently spoke with Empire online about where the proposed film stands. "We're getting ready to turn a script that we like into this studio," says Snyder. "They're pretty excited about it...I think the script that Alex (Tse) has done for us is the closest to the graphic novel it's been [since development started], for better or for worse. I feel like Alex has done an awesome job. It's keeping all the things that are cool about the comic."
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