A new Ghost Ridertrailer debuted recently. Despite my desire to enjoy this film, I found the trailer to be a disappointment. "Corny," I believe, was the word I used to describe it, and I stand by the description. Apparently, I wasn't the only one to be slightly underwhelmed by the tease, and director Mark Steven Johnson has spoke up to explain. He offers the following four reasons* for why you might not have been impressed:

  1. PG-13 rules governing trailers are different in some ways from those governing movies. These rules prevent, among other things, showing people on fire in PG-13 movies.** Obviously, restricting people on fire greatly reduced Johnson's ability to display the transformation scene. So for those of you worried -- no, that isn't all there is to it. It'll be far more "intense" when it hits theaters.
  2. The Voice of the Rider cannot be judged according to how it sounds on an internet trailer. It is a multi-track, multi-layered voice with sound effects of screeching cats and rusty chains and the like which get horribly condensed into a single track for the internet.
  3. Humor. I don't fully understand this reason, but Johnson explains the film and the character are very "dark and intimidating" to the general public. There is some humor there to counterbalance the intensity, but it is ultimately not a funny movie.
  4. Blackheart is going to look far more awesome than you can imagine. He will be "demonic and spikey," which I suppose are very good demon sorts of traits. It'd be more than a bit baffled if he told me Blackheart was going to look anything other than demonic.
While a fair amount of what he is saying makes sense, you've got to wonder about a movie when the director has to come out and defend the trailer.

*He offered five reasons in total, but the fifth was regarding the movie poster, and was unrelated to the trailer itself.
**This is according to Johnson. I personally do not even pretend to understand the inscrutable ways of the MPAA.

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