Brace yourselves, horror fans, because I know that whenever I announce a new remake you all get very edgy, jittery and annoyed. And I'm right there with you, but my job is to share the news -- no matter how geek-stressing it may be. So get comfortable, take a deep breath and read on...

Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes outfit (the production company that exists solely on the backs of horror classics) has signed a deal with Universal's Rogue division, and the result is this: New remakes of The Hitcher, Near Dark and The Changeling. Plus they still have that remake of The Birds set up with Universal, so we can probably toss that one into the deal as well.

PD's Hitcher remake is nearing completion, and it looks like Near Dark is next on the agenda. The company recently hired music video helmer Samuel Bayer to direct the new Dark from a screenplay by Matt Venne. And I think this is where most of the animosity comes from: The hardcore horror geeks absolutely love The Hitcher and Near Dark, and would rather those films remain semi-obscure (and awesome) than become just more grist for the remake mill. Frankly I think they'd be better off remaking stuff like The Funhouse and Hell Night, but maybe that's why these guys are wealthy film producers and I'm just a movie critic / blognerd.
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