When Rambo IVwas initially announced (with a great deal of disbelief, head-shaking and chuckling), the plot was Rambo vs. Islamic terrorists at the UN. Half a year later the plot suddenly changed to Rambo rescuing a young kidnapped girl. Then, back in the end of July, the plot jumped again, this time Rambo was leading a Burmese rescue expedition to save some volunteer workers who'd been nabbed by natives.

Now it's October, and while we've actually stuck with the same plot, we do have some new information. Now, it seems, Rambo is originally contracted by Christian missionaries to be a guide/protector during a trip to Burma. Sometime during this expedition, said workers get taken by Burmese soldiers, and that's when the "Rambo assembles a team of young guns to go to the rescue" plot from July kicks in. The film is now floating around with the title Rambo IV: In The Serpent's Eye, and is slated (tentatively, of course) to begin filming in Thailand this January. Who wants to place bets on a plot change and a pushed back filming date sometime between now and then? Me, I'm holding out for Rambo vs. The Entire Continent of South America.

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