I was at the store today when my husband called me on my cell: "Hey, you remember Anna Politkovskaya, that Russian journalist we saw in the film Coca: The Dove of Chechnya last year?" he said. As soon as he said those words, my heart sank; I knew what his next words were going to be: That Politkovskaya, known for her relentless pursuit of the truth in documenting human rights violations, especially by the Russian government against Chechnya, had finally been assassinated.

When I saw Coca: The Dove of Chechnya at the Amnesty International Film Festival last year, I was moved by Politkovskaya and her dedication to reporting the truth, in spite of the death threats she received on a regular basis. When she was on her way to report on the Chechen terrorists taking over a school in Beslan in 2004, she was taken ill with severe food poisoning, but many believed that she was poisoned in an attempt on her life. She had to flee to Vienna, Austria in 2001 after receiving emails claiming that a Russian police officer whose atrocities against civilians she had reported on was seeking revenge.
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