In a move sure to delight millions, Will Ferrell has officially announced his interest in returning to the role of Ron Burgundy for another Anchormango-round. Although Ferrell is a very busy man these days (as is his partner Adam McKay) with plenty of projects on his plate, he told the Toronto Star "I would love to do a sequel," and may actually be willing to put his next project with McKay (Step Brothers) on indefinite hold in order to get back to being Burgundy. The plot this time? According to Ferrell: "I was thinking, all of a sudden, for no reason, he's a European correspondent and has to do foreign languages which he knows nothing about."

So what do you think? Does the Burgundy character have another film in him, or will the shtick get old if they try to bring him back? Will there be a breaking point when everyone gets tired of Ferrell's idiot-savant routine? He does tend to play largely the same character in most of his movies, and people haven't stopped queuing up for them yet, so I suppose if there is such a point, we haven't reached it yet.
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