Ah, The Guardian. How I do love it for its blissful (and always oh-so-proper) Brit goodness and its consistently fantastic, interesting articles. Just a few days ago, The Guardian ran this intriguing and extraordinarily well-written interview with Martin Scorsese, whose latest effort, The Departed, is in theaters now. Jeff Wells notes that the film's previously perfect Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes scores have taken a bit of a dip with a few tepid reviews dribbling in, but it's still holding solid critically, even if it's not quite burning up the box office yet.

Writer Ed Pilkington, sitting down with Scorsese for an intimate chat, opens the piece with a rundown of Scorsese's storied career as a director: The battles with studios; the search for that elusive magical combination of box office gold and artistic integrity; the five Best Director Oscar nods -- and no wins, including a loss against Dances With Wolves in 1990, which, as Pilkington adroitly notes, "had to hurt." Yeah, I'm still smarting over that one myself. After thus preparing our palates with sampling of Scorsese's career, Pilkington dives into the meat of the piece -- Scorsese himself.
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