When a blissful Brazilian holiday becomes a horrific gauntlet of murder, mayhem and involuntary organ harvests -- it's horror movie time. The flick in question is Turistas, which is the very first release from Fox Atomic, and I think it looks pretty darn intriguing -- and no, not just because of the mega-skimpy bikinis, tyvm.

Sixth directorial effort from actor-turned-helmer John Stockwell (he starred in Christine and My Science Project; as director he's previously given us Crazy/Beautiful, Blue Crush and Into the Blue), Turistas is about a bunch of exceedingly photogenic young Americans who run afoul of some black-market nastiness while enjoying a salacious Brazilian vacation. The model-hot "normal kids" are played by Josh Duhamel, Melissa George, Olivia Wilde (sigh), Desmond Askew and Beau Garrett -- and this crew looks to be in a whole lot of sweaty trouble, despite the fact that they're all too gorgeous for words.

The screenplay comes from editor / first-time screenwriter Michael Ross, and it looks to be a semi-creative take on a fairly standard slasher conceit: Hot kids congregate, commit licentious acts -- and then spend the rest of the flick running desperately for their lives as a killer stalks their every step. Only this one's in Brazil ... and there are gurneys involved. Ick.

So fingers crossed on Turistas, which could either be a great little horror thriller or a depthless, vicious dungpile in which we applaud the numerous demises of people much, much sexier than ourselves. At least with Stockwell behind the camera, you know the thing will most likely LOOK good. (Try watching Into the Blue on MUTE some time. Makes the flick about 45 times more entertaining.) To keep you interested until the movie's December 1 release date, you can check out this old promo clip or this brand-new theatrical trailer.

Either way, Brazil's not gonna like this.
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