The closer we get to production on The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan'sBatman sequel), the firmer the cast list becomes. After non-stop rumors bombarded the net soon after the first film hit theaters, we're finally drawing in on the official decisions. One major (or at least important, if not major) player is still outstanding, however, as the rumor field remains wide open for the role of Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face). IGN Filmforce did some digging on the most popular candidates, and turned up the following:

Jake Gyllenhaal is a big flat no from everyone. His people, the movie people and even bums on the street seem to suggest there won't be a Brokeback reunion on the Dark Knight set. This is probably for the best, as it will save us a bunch of terrible jokes from morning television programs. CAA said no Guy Pearce. They were very confident about this, apparently. Unfortunalely, no one from Liev Schreiber's (Dent's leading candidate) camp could be contacted. Ryan Phillippe's management, lawyer, and agency all said "no comment," while his publicist shoveled out an "official denial."

Batman on Film says the role has been cast and an announcement will come soon. Denying a role until it is announced is a popular sport among actors, but if everyone here was telling the truth, the role will go to an unexpected actor. Guesses?
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