Lots of scattered bits and pieces of geek news today. None of it is really big enough to merit an entire post here at the always quality-intensive Cinematical, so I thought perhaps I could combine them all into one thrilling, action-packed geek power post. Ready? Here we go:

  • See some oh-so-tantalizing 300 movie posters over at MoviesOnline. (via the good old CBR)
  • Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer has hired itself some heavy hitting stunt coordinators. Seeing as everyone keeps promising us this movie will be jammed to the breakpoint with action after the less than breathtaking combat from the first flick, this is probably a wise move. On board are Glenn Boswell from the Matrixtrilogy and Mike Mitchell from X-Men: The Last Stand. (X4Movies on the exclusive.)
  • IESB does what they do best, and shares another video interview -- this time, Transformers producer Tom DeSanto talks about shooting in Alaska and casting the voice of Megatron. Fans can rejoice in the knowledge that Frank Welker is still in the running. DeSanto promises they are "listening to the fans," and trying hard to stay true to the Transformers we all love. Okay, raise your hand if you didn't snort derisively at that last bit.
  • SountrackNet (this may mark the first time I threw a nod to this groovy site) talked to noted composer Hans Zimmer, who composes literally every score in Hollywood these days. In discussing the myriad of projects in his future, Zimmer promises his return for The Dark Knight, but says he's going to quit movies for a year or so after the film to get back to some concert work. This may or may not put him out of contention for the guaranteed-to-happen third film in the franchise depending on how quickly Chris Nolan and company can get their busy schedules arranged.
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