Good morning, movie lovers. It's Sandie again with the scoop on what happened at the box office over the weekend. First, let's take another look at the weekend prediction:
Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning

  1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
  2. The Departed
  3. Employee of the Month
  4. Open Season
  5. The Guardian

OK, so it looks like Patricia got all the movies in the top five correct, but only 'The Guardian' was in the right spot. Still, we can't forget that she did go five-for-five last week, so we'll just give this weekend's 1/5 result a little pass. Here's how the weekend box office ended up:
  1. The Departed, $27 million
  2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, $19.1 million
  3. Open Season, $16 million
  4. Employee of the Month, $11.8 million
  5. The Guardian, $9.6 million

A huge shout-out to crzydcguy84 who called the outcome on Friday afternoon. As Borat (and Tommy) likes to say, Niiiiice. Another reader, zsxxx03, also made the right prediction on Sunday afternoon. Congrats to our two box-office savvy readers.

Matt Damon in The Departed

So here's what happened. Martin Scorsese had the biggest opening of his directorial career with 'The Departed.' At first I was going to credit the magic of Columbus Day on the famous Italian-American director, but the movie's all about Boston's Irish mobsters and cops, so I think I've gotta credit the amazing, award-worthy cast (Leo, Jack and Matt, oh my!), the near-perfect reviews and the heart-pounding, cat-and-mouse plot. In case you're wondering which of Marty's many esteemed films 'The Departed' beat for his highest debut, it's not 'The Aviator,''Gangs of New York' or 'Goodfellas.' His last "big" opener was his last remake, 'Cape Fear,' which made a bit more than $10 million back in 1991. It's clear that 'The Departed' is on its way to becoming Scorsese's biggest hit period. With $76 million more -- a reasonable goal considering the film's Oscar buzz -- 'The Departed' will surpass 'The Aviator' haul of $103 million. Go, Marty!

As for the rest of the top five, most horror films these days can scare enough viewers for a terrific first weekend, and 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning' was no exception. Its $19 million reportedly recouped the prequel's modest budget, so anything more is just extra blood on the chainsaw. Parents and their animation-addicted children continued to drive 'Open Season' to a solid second weekend, bringing the kiddie flick's grand total to $44.1 million. Despite the fact you can barely pass a newsstand or turn the channel without seeing Jessica Simpson or Dane Cook, their panned comedy underperformed with a fourth-place finish. And last, and in this case least, the Ashton Kutcher-Kevin Costner watery action pic slipped from second to fifthplace, but that was to be expected given the competition.

That's it for the weekend rewind. Good luck to all of you posting predictions next week!

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