The Departed opened in theaters on Friday, and the stars are about beating the bushes in an effort to pack the audiences in. However, Jack Nicholson won't be one of them. He is apparently suffering from a mysterious neck injury sustained at the New York premiere of the film, and a close friend said, "We don't know exactly what is wrong, but something is wrong with his neck."

It's a bit odd that this was even reported, because Jack normally shuns the whole talk-show circuit when he has a new film to promote, and rarely grants interviews. Can you remember the last time you saw him chatting with Regis or Leno? While not exactly Greta Garbo, he does take up residence behind his Ray-Ban sunglasses frequently and cuts off the world. He's not exactly camera shy, but he's not that gabby with the press either.

Anyhow, we've attended quite a few movies, and unless Nicholson was sitting in the front row, we're not sure how he injured his neck. When big event films like this come out, there are press junkets, radio interviews and TV appearances galore. Is Jack just trying to duck out like normal and leave it all to Matt and Leo? Hopefully he's fine, because things just wouldn't be the same without Nicholson around.

Keep your neck on the line, Jack.

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