Movie memorabilia is an incredible after-market for popular films. Sites exist all over the internet offering to sell you pieces of your favorite film in exchange for large (sometimes mind-blowingly large) sums of your hard-earned cash. Additionally, fancy auction houses will feature big old-fashioned auctions of the non-internet variety* where you can go and enjoy the excitement of raising a little wooden paddle in the air before trading your piles of cash for a James Bond moonbuggy or Charlie Chaplin's cane.

Christie's auction house in New York is just such a place, and they recently held a Star Trek event featuring over 1000 pieces of Trek related swag from all incarnations of the franchise (read a more detailed report here). After a full three days of waving wooden paddles and cutting huge checks, geeks from across the globe went home more than $7 million poorer, but clutching onto such fabulous pieces of movie history as Dr. McCoy's spacesuit from "The Tholian Web" episode ($144,000), a model Klingon ship from The Search for Spock($307,000), and and Enterprise-D model from TNG ($576,000). Seriously, who on earth has over half a million bucks to spend on a toy spaceship? We may never know, because the winner of that one (a private American bidder) is undisclosed. The total take on the auction was more than twice what had been anticipated.

If you could have bid on and bought any piece of Star Trek history, what would it be?

*You know ... what they did in the pre-Ebay days.
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