Awhile back we told you how Géla Babluani was already keen on helming an English-language remake of his film 13 (Tzameti) (released in the States this past summer) using an all-American (as in all of the actors are American, and not just Abercrombie and Fitch models) cast. Since I haven't seen the film yet, all I know is that Kim loved it, Chris hated it and, supposedly, the trailer ruins the film's secretive plot.

That being said, the New York Post reports Joaquin Phoenix, Tobey Maguire, Heath Ledger and Leonardo DiCaprio are all circling the film's lead role, though a clear and distinct front-runner is yet to be seen. Babluani also confirmed that he will indeed helm the film and has already started scouting locations in New York and New Jersey. Based on the plot description (some dude gets caught up in a high-stakes game of Russian roulette), I would say either Phoenix or Maguire would be best here. However, if you've seen the film, feel free to chime in with your opinion too.

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