If you're a parent who has a hard time disciplining your out-of-control teen, there aren't too many options available. You could threaten them with military school (like in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure), visit the Maury Povich show or, well, brainwash them. Okay, so perhaps the whole brainwashing thing is a bit morbid, however Reason Pictures tends to think it would make for a great film.

Reason has just picked up the Untitled Teen Brainwashing Project (I love it already), based on a pitch from writers Kevin Walsh and Gotham Chopra. Story centers around a group of high school misfits who are sent to a "finishing school" in an attempt to keep them in check. Only, this ain't your ordinary run-of-the-mill finishing school -- in reality it's a remote detention center that -- you guessed it -- brainwashes teens! Upon figuring out the school's wicked scheme, the group hatch a plan to escape. Sorry mom and dad, unfortunately this isn't based on true events and such a school does not exist ... we think.

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