Sadly, it won't arrive until after Halloween, but the creepy little kid sub-genre will be well-represented when Devil Times Fivemakes its DVD debut on November 21. Regardless of how incorrigible your own offspring may seem, this oddity from 1974 should make even the most vicious of ankle-biters seem innocuous. A bus crashes on its way to an asylum and five homicidally insane kids escape to wreak havoc at a nearby resort hotel. Even if horror isn't your cup of tea, at least the eclectic cast should pique your curiosity. The film stars Sorrell Booke ( Boss Hogg himself from The Dukes of Hazard), Shelly Morrison ( Rosario from Will & Grace), Dawn Lyn (whose Dodie character signaled the shark-jumping of My Three Sons), Joan McCall (Grizzly), and Tierre Turner (Foxy Brown). Perhaps most remarkable of all, though, is the fact that the film stars former teen idol and Tiger Beat cover boy Leif Garrett.

I haven't seen this one, but I'm a sucker for newly excavated horror flicks from yesteryear. Code Red has been putting out some noteworthy horror releases and is promising more in the future like 1974's Italian Exorcistrip-off Beyond the Doorand 1973's Love Me Deadly. The company describes itself as "a start-up company dedicated to releasing '70's & '80's drive-in movie types onto dvd for your retro viewing pleasure!"

The Devil Times Five Disk includes:
  • New widescreen transfer from original (long thought to be lost) vault materials
  • Audio Commentary by Dawn Lyn, Joan McCall, Mickey Blowitz and David Shelton moderated by film historian Darren Gross
  • On camera interview with cast members Tierre Turner, Joan McCall and Dawn Lynn, and producer Mickey Blowitz and co-Director David Shelton
  • Alternate titles
  • Still gallery
  • Trailer