Have you ever been in a comic book store? If you're a regular reader of my stuff, odds are strong you spend a good bit of time in the local. The rest of you ... you ought to at least stick your head inside of one someday just to experience it. Locals are soaked with all things geek, they are filled with questionable-looking clientele, and usually they smell a bit funny. They are also filled to the breaking point with comic books of nearly limitless variety -- everything from Donald Duck to manga. It is nearly impossible to keep up with everything, so you tend to find people with specific fields of expertise.

Now I consider myself something of an overzealous reader; I follow quite a number of titles on a monthly basis and I keep a general working knowledge of many, many others. I have no idea what Dr. Grave is, other than a comic title I know nothing about which is being turned into a movie by GigaPix studios with a $40-50 million budget. The upside of my situation, however, is I write for a blog with a big reader base. So I need someone who is familiar with Dr. Grave to share with the class and tell us why this is awesome/dreadful news. Ready? Go!
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