Saw III Jigsaw poster premiere

Hello, 'Saw' fans, here's a special pre-Halloween treat for you gore-loving blood tooths: the final -- and bloodiest poster -- for 'Saw III.' You may say, "What's the deal? That poster isn't bloody. It's just some creepy guy in a red cloak." But appearances can be deceiving. You see, for starters, that scary character up there is Tobin Bell, aka the sadistic serial killer Jigsaw himself. And for a nice little kicker, this particular piece of art was made using Tobin Bell's REAL blood (mixed with a bit of red paint, of course).

If that sounds like a cool concept, you'll likely be excited to learn that very soon you'll be able to bid on the original poster -- made with the life juice of a bona fide Hollywood actor AND signed by the cast and filmmakers -- on the 'Saw III' official Web site. The winner of the auction will be announced on opening day, Oct. 27, 2006. In addition, you can purchase prints of the poster for $20. (Note: In the interest of leaving Bell with some blood in his veins, these prints were not made with the actor's fluids.) All proceeds go to the Red Cross, which will also be the beneficiary of the Third Annual 'Saw' Halloween Blood Drive. So head on over to to donate some blood or bid on art created using Jigsaw's. It's for a bloody good cause.

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