Yes folks, the Boogeyman is back ... and this time it's personal. Jeff Betancourt, who you'll find warming up the editor's chair for the upcoming Grudge 2, has signed on to make his directorial debut on another horror sequel, Boogeyman 2. With a script by Brian Sieve, pic will revolve around a woman whose fear of the boogeyman causes her to check into a mental hospital. (Why she opted to just skip the whole night light routine is beyond me.) However, once there things don't go so well, and something tells me it's not the shoddy food service. Production will begin in late November.

The internet is turning into one scary place, and Hollywood thinks it's the perfect breeding ground for serial killers. Gregory Hoblit (Primal Fear) is in negotiations to direct the techno-thriller (no, it's not a thriller set against a ton of thumping techno music), Untraceable. Pic is based on the spec script Streaming Evil written by Robert Fyvolent and Mark R. Binker, which has since been chopped into pieces and re-written by Allison Burnett under the new title. Story focuses on an FBI investigator hunting a serial killer who posts pictures of his gruesome crimes on a website. (Hmm, am I warped for wondering what said website's google rating is?)

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