I want George Lucas to be awesome again. I don't know if he can be, and I certainly don't expect a project like Indiana Jones 4 to be the film to do it, but I want the old man to find his magic again. For the last several years it's been geek-vogue to slam George Lucas, and yours truly has been no exception. And yet occasionally I pause to remember how much I love the man, and how much the geek community at large owes to his creative genius. I encourage you to remember the way you used to feel about Star Wars before the new trilogy. It's easy to hate the man for taking away our love, but we should remember he is the one who gave it to us in the first place.

Maybe George Lucas has grown fat and lazy on his own excess. Maybe the rich old man is too far removed from the edgy creative youth which brought us the struggles of the heroic rebellion fighting the Galactic Empire. If I had to place bets, I'd wager on it being so. But perhaps the edgy, creative George Lucas still exists somewhere beneath the layers of CGI and dollar bills. If he does still exist, the best way for him to re-emerge would probably not be to continue on producing huge blockbuster movies with zillion dollar budgets. Who knows, maybe the best way to bring him back is with the smaller, shorter, more experimental flicks he's talked about lately.
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