Odds and ends from Monday:

  • Hey, what's up with Sarah Michelle Gellar and her recent addiction to horror remakes? Seriously, did the Scooby Doo franchise run out of storylines or what? Not only do we know what she did last summer, but there's a good chance we already know what she'll be doing for the next five summers. Geez Sarah, how about we switch it up a bit? Anyway, Lee Pace has signed on to star opposite Gellar in Addicted, a film "loosely based" on the 2002 South Korean pic Jungdok. Story revolves around a wife (Gellar) whose husband and brother-in-law both end up in a coma. However, when the brother-in-law wakes up, he becomes convinced Gellar is his wife. While we're not sure which man Pace will play, I've already started a petition asking filmmakers not to cast Freddy Prinze Jr. as the other guy. Want in?
  • Unlike Gellar, John Leguizamo is an actor who's constantly searching for different material. According to Production Weekly, Leguizamo is close to starring in The Ministers, a thriller to be directed by Franc. Reyes. (Dude, what's up with the period at the end of your first name? Strange? Sort of? Whaddya think?) The script (which was penned by Reyes) centers around a female NYPD detective whose father was killed by a mysterious religious group named "The Ministers." After the group begins killing again, our hero is ordered to stay away from the case ... although it may already be too late (read: she's sleeping with one of "The Ministers").
  • Over the last few days, folks have been speculating as to who and how David Lynch's new film Inland Empire would be distributed. Well, according to Coming Soon, Lynch will -- drum roll please --distribute the film himself. That's right, Lynch has secured the US and Canadian rights to his film with plans to release Inland Empire on 6000 screens tomorrow. Okay, the last part was a joke, but since we're talking Lynch here, I imagine anything is possible. Says Empire producer Mary Sweeney, "David's decision to explore a new model of distribution is consistent with the fearless way in which he made Inland Empire." No word yet on when and where folks will be able to catch TheThree-Hour Lynch Experience (yes, in a perfect world that would be the film's title and it would only play in IMAX theaters), though Cinematical will let you know as soon as more information is available.
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