After granting the title role of Iron Man to Robert Downey Jr., director Jon Favreau and his casting team are on the move again. This time, they're finally making things official and bringing on Terrence Howard to play Jim Rhodes. If you aren't particularly familiar with comic books, then it's pretty safe to assume you have no idea who Jim Rhodes is. Well, I'll tell you: he's an old friend (and sometimes foe) of Tony Stark from his war days who served as Tony's personal pilot for a while, impersonated Iron Man on more than one occasion and eventually became the superhero War Machine with the help of an Iron Man-esque armor suit from Stark Industries. Yeah, he's a pretty big character.

Presumably Rhodes will only be in his friend/pilot role for the film -- if he's to become War Machine it'll likely happen in sequel land.
I wonder if this means the end of "Terrence Howard in Luke Cage" rumors. His name has been associated with the film in some form or another for some time, although, to my knowledge, nothing has been official. Now that he's found work elsewhere with Marvel, it seems rather unlikely we'll see him in a Power Man flick. How do you fans feel about the Howard casting? Good choice? Bad?

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