Hoping to cash in on the current fascination with crime scenes and the CSI onslaught, Amy Adams will appear in Sunshine Cleaning, an indie film about two sisters who decide to open a crime scene cleaning business and manage to find themselves in the process. Directing duties will be shared by Karen Moncrieff and Christine Jeffs based on a script by Megan Holley. Still no official word on whether Emily Blunt will join Adams, but we're certainly keeping our eyes open.

Adams is best known as the braces-wearing redhead who starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Steven Spielberg'sCatch Me If You Can, managing to steal every scene she was in. If you were lucky enough to catch her Oscar-nominated role in Junebug, you'd see her doing that same thing in that film, minus the braces. She has an infectious spirit and smile, and has most recently appeared in Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby and The Office.

It has to be slightly intimidating trying to chew up scenery while sharing screen space with Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio as Spielberg puts you through the paces, but she makes it look easy. It's only been six short years since she first appeared in Psycho Beach Party (yes, we ain't lying about that one), but she has come a long way since. Adams will appear in three films in 2007, including a voice role in Underdog, where she'll be playingPolly Purebred, Underdog's true love. Oh, and if they decide to make a twenty-something sequel to Annie, someone had better call Amy Adams.
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