A few casting tidbits from Wednesday:

  • For his follow-up to last year's Brick, director Rian Johnson has nabbed Oscar winner Rachel Weisz to star in The Brothers Bloom, with production scheduled to begin in February. Story surrounds a pair of veteran con men who decide to take on one last job (wow, a surprise twist for a con flick, huh?) by swindling a mysterious millionaire (Weisz) out of some loot. Last we heard from Johnson, he described the film's general style as "[owing] more to the earlier part of the [20th] century than the later." With Weisz onboard, we expect the two con men roles to be cast in the coming days.
  • Rebecca Romijn and Keith Carradine have joined the cast of Lake City, a project that recently brought on Sissy Spacek, Troy Garity and singer Dave Matthews. In the pic, Garity plays a man who reunites with his estranged mother (Spacek) when "deadly circumstances threaten their home." (Are we looking at high mortgage payments here or what?) Romijn will play a cop romantically involved with Garity, while Carradine was lucky enough to nab the part of gas station attendant.
  • Scott Speedman is set to play Liv Tyler's boo in Strangers, an upcoming suspense thriller to be directed by Bryan Bertino. Tyler and Speedman will play a couple forced to fight for their lives when three masked strangers (one of which will be played by model Gemma Ward) break into their remote house in an attempt to prove that even hottie models have a dark, sadistic side. (What? No one mentioned the name Naomi Campbell.)

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