Although I don't frequently throw links their way, the folks over at MTV Movies have a nice little write-up on the Henson Company's return to the world of The Dark Crystal. It has long been believed Jim Henson and Frank Oz could have put together a much more fantastic and successful film had puppetry and cinematography been more advanced art forms in the early 80s. Now, here we are two decades later and Henson's children are set to test that belief. I belong firmly in the camp of fans who loves the film as a cult classic, but then again, I am an open Jim Henson apologist -- I love the man and nearly everything he touched.

It is always a risk to sequel or remake a "cult classic" film, as it's tough to capture that sort of magic twice. Nonetheless, Henson Company is teaming up with director Genndy Tartakovsky and original script writer David Odell in a bold attempt to sequel one of the film properties the company did not sell off to Disney. If a team can be assembled to bring this thing to fruition, I imagine these would be the folks to do it. Odell provides the best link to the previous flick, as he and Henson had discussed sequel plans in the past, and thus fans can be assured the basic outline of the new film was contrived with none other than Jim himself. If you are interested in seeing some early concept art/storyboards for the film, I suggest you swing on by MTV and check out their write-up. As excited as I am for this flick, I'm even more anxious for the occasionally discussed Fraggle Rock movie. I mean, at the rate the old Henson team has been dropping, we need to get to work on that while we've still got the cast more or less intact.
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