It's a fairly rare occurrence, but man oh man is it sweet when you just KNOW you're going to love a certain movie. That's how I felt a few weeks back when I sat down in a Toronto movie theater to experience the newest piece of cinematic magic from mad genius Guillermo del Toro. That title, as I'm sure you know by now, is Pan's Labyrinth -- and if this flick doesn't make my year-end top ten, then that means December is going to be jam-packed with 5-star films ... which seems pretty darn unlikely, all things considered.

The movie is about a young girl who is forced to accompany her mother and nasty new stepfather to an isolted military outpost deep in the forest. There she discovers some fascinating relics, fairy-tale secrets, and creatures both dazzling and dangerous. The movie is a piece of dark, brilliant beauty and I simply cannot wait to see it again once it opens -- on my birthday! (That's 12/29 for those who aren't a member of the Scott Weinberg Fan Club.) Those who are hungry for a few new glimpses of the Labyrinth need only visit IGN FilmForce and check out the brand-newiest trailer they're offering. And don't worry: It's vague enough and admirably spoiler-free.

Pan's Labyrinth
was recently announced as Mexico's official Oscar-eligible release, and that's pretty exciting news for the genre fans. Frankly I think we should give Guillermo del Toro a big nerdy hug for treating the horror/fantasy field with such skill, color, sincerity and affection. If we had more genre-centric filmmakers like Guille, I suspect the movie world would be a much groovier place.
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